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Stringer for men's bodybuilding

Strength training is a complete sport that consists of developing muscles, not only to increase strength, but also endurance and appearance, whether with weights or specific machines. Over the past thirty years, a whole universe has developed around this sport, with very specific codes and a dedicated fashion.

The stringer is an evolution of the famous Marcel, or tank top, which was invented especially for those who love bodybuilding and weight training. Its large indentations and clear back allow the dorsal and pectoral muscles to be left as free as possible and as visible as possible.

The men's weight training stringer is generally worn rather wide, but be careful that it does not yawn too much because it could get caught in the devices. But if the stringer seams are too tight, they could rub and cause inflammation and injury.

When choosing your weight training stringer, choose it preferably in cotton. Indeed, if synthetic materials have advantages, cotton is hypoallergenic and has a high sweat absorption capacity.

But what will really set you apart is the look you will have with your men's weight training stringer, and that's why Devel-Up has developed a unique line for you. From the Stringer "No Pain No Gain" to the Go Hard or Go Home, all Devel-Up men's weight training stringers will be a hit in your favorite gym.

In conclusion, all our products are unique, designed and designed specifically for weight training, bodybuilding, fitness or any other indoor sport, and you will undoubtedly find your happiness within reach of your purse.

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