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Crop Top Sportswear

Crop Top Sportswear

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Crop top woman sportswear was printed with DEVEL UP brand

The women's crop-top is the latest evolution of the t-shirt. Clearing the stomach, the sports crop-top allows you to train on a daily basis, while suffering less from heat. That said, choosing the right sportswear is not easy, you not only have to find the right model, size and material, but also that it really enhances you and pleases you.

That being said, and above all, your crop-top sportswear must above all be comfortable and fit you without disturbing you. Too tight, the seams could cause irritation, too wide, it could reveal too much. We therefore advise you to always wear a sports bra underneath and to follow the size guide carefully so that you do not make any mistakes in your choice.

Then the material is just as important. If synthetic materials are in fashion, they have the disadvantage of not always being comfortable and too tight. On the other hand, cotton has the advantage of being hypoallergenic, especially if it comes from the organic sector and it absorbs sweat and moisture much better.

Finally, what is the point of spending hours sweating and suffering if it is to hide the excellent results of your training sessions. You must now show this flat stomach, but with class. A printed crop-top, at the top of fashion, will not only enhance you, but will also affirm you as a strong woman.

In addition, on sunny days, wearing a summer crop top and enjoying the slightest fresh wind is an undeniable advantage.

That's why DEVEL UP has developed a range of clothing that is both respectful of nature, using organic cotton spun and combed, comfortable, with flat topstitching, and that offers original designs and fashion that look like you.

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